Access and control
your music from anywhere!
Get OnAirfor your PC, Mac, tablet and phone.

Listen everywhere. Rule your living room.

Streaming is simple. The output devices are detected automatically.
It's as easy as selecting where to play the music, then choose the song!

Continuous listening. Never stop the beats.

Take your music with you, wherever you go. Whether on your PC, Mac, mobile device or surfing the
web. Start listening here. Continue listening there. Seamlessly.

More reasons to love it.

High quality music
Audiophiles, we hear you. We love music and we love quality even more. That is why we never compress or transcode your music.
No Wifi switching
OnAir works across networks, so you do not need to switch your phone to Wifi every time you come home. It works on 3G / 4G as well.
Dead simple - it just works!
OnAir is for everyone. Dead simple to set up. Easy to use. It is as straightforward as turning on a water tap.
Your playlists are always there
Create or change a playlist on one device and find it instantly synced on all your other devices.